Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rock Band 4 and Rocksmith 2014 DLC Speculation

So I'm not going to spoil this until Tuesday, but Rocksmith has revealed one of the bands that are a part of the single tracks next week.

But onto Rock Band 4 speculation, I could say once again it'll be those two U2 tracks that have been announced, but I don't think it'll be U2, as a matter of fact, I think those two U2 tracks are going to be a part of a U2 pack. I think it'll be a six pack (ha!), but that is for another day.  This is today, which is Saturday, which is a day late on my Rock Band 4 DLC predictions but with all the Heroclix info this week, I didn't think it would be a big to-do.

Well based on some of the new albums that are coming out, it's some tough guesses. I see some new Van Morrison coming out this week and there was a Van Morrison song on the Rock Band setlist, so maybe it's a three pack of Van Morrison?

Van Morrison Pack 01

"Astral Weeks"
"The Way Young Lovers Do"
"Into the Mystic"

It could be this and it could totally be something else. Come back on Tuesday to find out what hit Rock Band 4 and Rocksmith 2014!

Keep Calm and Rock On!

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